Your own private studio space to immerse yourself in our inspiring creative environment.

Welcome to the Workshop Studios Artist-in-Residence Program – an invitation to immerse yourself in a supportive and inspiring environment for up to three months. This residency celebrates diversity, inclusion, and artistic merit, encouraging applications from artists of all backgrounds and experiences. No prior ceramic experience is necessary to apply. This residency is not designed for pottery production but rather to support individuals working in experimental and contemporary contexts.

Selected artists will receive support during their residency, enjoying a free private studio equipped with essential materials, including clay, underglazes, and reduction glazes, tools and various firing options. There will also be access to a large StoneFlower Clay 3D printer (volume, 50 x 50 x 50 cm3 = 125L 3D) for those with expertise in this cutting-edge field.

In return for the provided space, access to kilns, and materials, we request that artists contribute to our community and this can take the form of an artist talk or demonstration to share your artistic process. Alternatively, we ask for a piece of artwork to be donated to the studio, creating a lasting connection and legacy within our artistic space.

Applications are ongoing with no set deadlines, however only successful applicants will be contacted.

We are currently accepting applications for local and international artists, but at this time accommodations and travel are not provided.

Our Current Artist In Residence

Minoru Ueda

Born in Tokyo, I have spent the last 25 years dividing my time between Calgary and Tokyo.  I still maintain an architect practise in Tokyo focused on sustainable architecture.  When I came to Calgary, I started taking sculpture and pottery classes at ACAD and more recently studied pottery at North Mount Pleasant and Fairview studies in Calgary.  In Japan I study at the Shinoda Yuzan Gama and do wood firing with Aya Nakajima, a traditional Shigaraki artist.   I fire work at various kilns in Tokyo, Nagano and Yamanashi Prefectures. 

I have worked with Shinoda to develop Oribe and other traditional Japanese glazes for kilns I am using in Calgary.  In general, I want to continue to develop techniques based on Japanese ceramic traditions.

I studied the Japanese Tea Ceremony (Urasenke) for several years in Japan and am interested in creating unique vases, vessels  and ceramic tea utensils for the Japanese Tea Ceremony as well as small specialty plates and bowls for Kaiseki cuisine.