Workshop Studios is dedicated to creating employment and professional development opportunities for artists in Calgary.

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If you have any questions about our team, are looking for employment opportunities, or would like to hear more about what we do at Workshop Studios, please reach out to our studio manager at

We are proud to employ a small but mighty team of techs, studio managers, and ceramic instructors. In addition, as events allow, we regularly collaborate with some of Calgary’s best DJs, caterers, liquor merchants, bartenders, and photographers.

Meet our instructors

We love our wildly talented team of instructors! Each a skilled artist in their own right, this faculty brings decades of combined training, fine arts education, and experience to the table.

We’re thrilled to connect them with you through workshops, private lessons, and Date Night events. Whether you’re working with clay for the first time or honing an advanced technique, our instructors are here to educate, assist, and make you feel at home.


Sidney first started playing with clay in Vancouver almost 5 years ago. Since then, he has enjoyed every step along the way – experimenting, learning and growing. As an instructor, Sidney is keen to share with others the many lessons clay has taught him; whether it be the pursuit of technical proficiency to the acceptance of transience and imperfection. Outside the world of ceramics, Sidney is resigned to being a lifelong student and enjoys playing with his dog, Boomer.


Lael Chmelyk


Lael Chmelyk started working with clay over ten years ago and is currently working to complete a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics at the Alberta University of Arts. She loves quilting, weaving and cuddling her cat while she isn’t in the studio. In the classroom, Lael enjoys tailoring ceramic processes to work for each of her students individually. 

Chloe Collins


Chloe is a 4th year Ceramics BFA student at AUArt’s. She has been practicing ceramics for a little over 3 years. Having a background in both sculpture and ceramics, Chloe works heavily in hand building and wheel throwing. When Chloe isn’t covered in clay she enjoys dancing Latin Hustle and working as VP External for AUArts’ Student association. Chloe’s approach to teaching is always through basic fundamental skill building. She enjoys working with people of all ages, but especially kids! With a wide skillset, Chloe is eager and capable of teaching whatever students are curious to learn, including wheel throwing, hand building and everything in between.

Kate Husted


Kate first found herself in a ceramic studio in 2009, interested in busying her hands to balance a particularly intangible semester of university. Immediately taken by the possibilities of clay, she’s been practicing ever since.

A lover of precision work, the part of the process she enjoys most is trimming; when the rough form is refined to a degree not always possible during throwing. Her work is typically simple in form and finish, and – she hopes – useful and timeless.

Kate sees her classes largely as an exercise in language, and gets a thrill from finding just the right words to convey the subtleties of timing and kinetic awareness that come with wheel-throwing.


Khiha MacFarlane

Shannon MacNaughton


Shannon fell in love with ceramics when she began taking lessons at Wildflower Arts Centre in Calgary, AB. Years later, Shannon’s passion for wheel throwing has grown from a hobby into a practice that brings her purpose and joy.

Shannon finds happiness in teaching children and adults how to throw on the wheel and delights in the growth and creativity of her students.

Outside of the studio, you can find Shannon rollerblading, rafting, playing softball, spending time with her friends and family, and sitting outside reading books in the sun.




Tina Vidak

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If you have any questions about our team, are looking for employment opportunities, or would like to hear more about what we do at Workshop Studios, please reach out to our studio manager at