Workshop Studios is dedicated to creating employment and professional development opportunities for artists in Calgary.

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We are proud to employ a small but mighty team of techs, studio managers, and ceramic instructors. In addition, as events allow, we regularly collaborate with some of Calgary’s best DJs, caterers, liquor merchants, bartenders, and photographers.

Meet our instructors

We love our wildly talented team of instructors! Each a skilled artist in their own right, this faculty brings decades of combined training, fine arts education, and experience to the table.

We’re thrilled to connect them with you through workshops, private lessons, and Date Night events. Whether you’re working with clay for the first time or honing an advanced technique, our instructors are here to educate, assist, and make you feel at home.


Anna-Lise Schmidt is a ceramic artist working and living in Calgary, Alberta. Upon graduating with a Bachelor of Arts from Emily Carr University in Vancouver in 2013, Anna-Lise returned to Calgary to focus on her practice. She has been working as an arts educator in the ceramics community for the past seven years. Her work explores mark making, repetition and pattern and the way it interacts with form. Anna-Lise states that she is drawn to clay as a medium because of its multifaceted process, from designing and tests to the physical preparation and forming.

“I love being able to share my passion with new people and it is easy to invest a lot of energy when it is something that I am so excited about. Being able to talk about clay all day is a privilege and joy. I also really enjoy having a community to engage with, studio work can be quite isolating.”




“My artwork takes a critical view of ageism and gender issues. I am often referencing human emotion and grief. My work also explores the varying relationships between aging and today’s ideals of aging.  I often use humour and engage subjects as diverse as women’s right to vote, history and hardship.  I use clay to draw portraits of people that might look like someone from your family and remind you of their life stories. While I use clay and other materials for each of my projects, my methodology is consistent.  It is a reflection of humans and their environment.”

Jana holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a Major in Ceramics from Alberta College of Art and Design. She has been practicing ceramic for more than 20 years and her work has been selected in several competitions. Jana loves exploring different mediums, such as painting, drawing and sculpting in clay. She enjoys instructing and the challenges that come with the work as much as helping students meet and exceed their personal practice goals.



Josefina Rodriguez is an Argentinian artist living in Calgary, Alberta since 2010. In 2021, she obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a Major in Ceramics from the Alberta University of the Arts. Her current practice and research focus on eroticism and sexuality, from a feminine and personal perspective. Community work and volunteering have always been important to her and she is actively involved in her community, helping develop an inclusive, diverse and collaborative environment between artists. Teaching at Workshop Studios is part of this dynamic.

“ I felt the need to share my passion for hand building with others. Having never taught before, I wanted to challenge myself, to help and support others in their creative journeys. Most of my work is fuelled by my life experience as a Latino woman growing up in a sexist and patriarchal society that dictated what I could or couldn’t do. I consider my work and my life’s choices to be a response to the male oppression I grew up with. It is meant to defy and denounce machismo and patriarchy as oppressive to women and men alike. Art is the conduit to expressing and questioning things for me, and that is what led me to pursue a career in the arts.”


Kate Husted

Kate Husted began wheel-throwing in 2009 while in university, needing a counterbalance to books. She is community-taught. Coming from a long line of craftspeople, her love of clay is rooted in a natural affinity for materials and precision work. 

“Since 2009, I’ve slowly been gathering an informal education thanks to a generous community and lots of trial and error. I find a lot of satisfaction in a straight line or lid that fits just right, and, if I’m being honest, throw so that I can trim. My newest enthusiasm is for glaze chemistry and the science of our materials in general. I find that my creativity expands in step with my abilities, as new skills and knowledge allow me to see possibilities I couldn’t before. The endlessness of a practice in ceramics is something that I find really exciting. I find it really fulfilling to teach, it makes me feel warm inside. It’s also nice to spend a couple hours every week with a group of others, as I usually work alone.  Having to articulate what exactly it is I’m doing has helped me better understand the nuances of wheel-throwing alongside students.”


Lael Chmelyk

“I was raised in Dawson Creek in Northern British Columbia. I began making from an early age, joining a family line of obsessive craftsmen. I started ceramic classes at the age of fourteen, and from there went on to graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics from The Alberta University of Arts in 2020. Alongside my ceramics practice, I also work in fiber mediums including natural dyes, fabric design, quilting, and slow garment making. Committed to ceramics as my first love, I create functional objects both on and off the wheel. I work with an understanding that decisions made during the process of making can determine how an object is perceived and used. I am intrigued by the way the objects we use can function as catalysts of moments of quiet calm in our everyday lives. Through functional objects like ceramics and quilts, I can bridge a relationship between maker and user.”

Lael began working in clay 16 years ago. She has been a resident at Medalta International Artists Residency in Medicine Hat after graduating from AUArts in 2020. She is a recipient of several awards and grants, and has shown work in several group exhibitions. She enjoys teaching immensely. Creating a process that is unique to each of her students keeps her excited to share her love of clay.


Mindy Andrews

Mindy graduated from the Alberta University of the Arts in 2002 with a degree in Ceramics. Since then, she has been practicing as a professional ceramic artist, teacher and technician. Mindy participated in the Medalta Artists In Residence program and in several competitions in Canada, Australia, South Korea and the USA.


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If you have any questions about our team, are looking for employment opportunities, or would like to hear more about what we do at Workshop Studios, please reach out to our studio manager at