Workshop Studios was founded in 2017 with a vision to create affordable, collaborative studio space in Calgary.

We believe that art and creative spaces are vital to vibrant, healthy communities. Recognizing a lack of accessible facilities and affordable resources for artists and small business owners in Calgary, we set out to create an inclusive space to foster collaboration and enrich culture in the city. In 2017 we signed a lease in Inglewood’s historic Brass Foundry building, rolled up our sleeves, and transformed a very rough industrial bay into the plant and light-filled studio space of our dreams.

We’ve seen our community blossom under this roof as we seek to empower, employ, and open doors for artists and makers of all skill levels. Currently, our two professional offices, 37 open-concept studios, and 51 ceramic member cupboards are occupied by 100 artists representing a wide range of practices. We run up to fifteen pottery classes per week and, hosting up to 180 students in addition to regular Date Nights, Private Events and those attending private lessons and guest workshops. Behind each of these offerings is a talented, hardworking team of artists and entrepreneurs flexing diverse skill sets as instructors, managers, and techs.

Workshop Studios wholeheartedly believes that everyone deserves safe, inspiring places to work, experiment, and escape. Whoever you are, wherever you’re coming from, we hope you’ll join us as we foster mindfulness and promote sustainability through creative practice.

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