Workshop Studio's Eco-Art Explorers

Introducing Eco-Art Explorers by Workshop Studios—a groundbreaking program that combines creativity, active reuse, and hands-on learning. Our ceramic studio is thrilled to present this exciting opportunity to engage in an enriching artistic experience.

During Eco-Art Explorers workshops, students will embark on a journey of discovery as they explore the world of ceramics. Our dedicated Workshop Studios instructors will guide them through decorating techniques using recycled materials, specifically bisqueware from previous workshops. By incorporating sustainable practices, we foster an appreciation for the environment while fostering artistic expression.

We offer the flexibility to tailor our sessions to your group, whether its for a birthday party at home, a students in a classroom (approved by both the CBE and CSSD!), or as an in-office team building activity, the possibilities are endless!

By participating in Eco-Art Explorers, students not only enhance their creativity but also gain a deeper understanding of the artistic process and the importance of reusing materials sustainably.

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For inquiries, please email us at! We would love to put together a custom program to suit your needs!


  • $258 per 1-hour event
  • $15.20 per person

How it Works

  • All-inclusive Materials: Workshop Studios provides everything needed for a seamless experience. Our team of inspiring instructors brings ceramic bisqueware, available in a variety of shapes and sizes, directly to your home, office or classroom. We also supply paint brushes and an array of six different underglaze colors, allowing participants to explore and blend their artistic visions. Each person gets to glaze 2 pieces that our team will then process and deliver when ready.

  • Engaging Workshops: Under the guidance of our skilled instructors, partisipants embark on a hands-on journey. They learn various glazing techniques and unleash their creativity as they paint and decorate their bisqueware masterpieces. Our workshops foster a supportive environment that encourages self-expression and experimentation.

  • Convenient Transportation: Once the workshop session is complete, Workshop Studios takes care of packing up your beautiful creations. We ensure the safe transportation of the artwork back to our studio.

  • Professional Glaze Firing: At our studio, the ceramics undergo a glaze firing process up to Cone 10 in Oxidation. This high-temperature firing transforms the artwork into everlasting creations, adding strength and enhancing the vibrant colors of the underglazes.

  • Artwork Delivery: Once the ceramics have been fired and completed, Workshop Studios takes pride in delivering the finished pieces back to you!